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Our services are open to service our Clients' requirements 24 / 7 / 365 for Shipbuilding, Ship / Rig Repair / Maintenance, and Offshore projects. We also provide in our KSA facility, onsite hotel facilities with comprehensive food, entertainment, transport, etc. services for crews that wish to remain close to the work front. This complete and integrated end to end one-stop solution for Clients differentiates us from local competition. We provide an ideal environment for all crews to be integrated into the competitive solutions Tradex provide. As part of our competitive advantage in KSA, Therefore; we are proud to confirm our position as the most ‘Practical, Reliable and Durable Solution Provider’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia marine business servicing the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea regions.



To be the prominent maritime services provider ensuring that we safely deliver practical, innovative, durable and reliable solutions to liberate real and long-lasting value for our clients and stakeholders.




Work hard every day through our inspired teams, innovative solutions and extensive facilities. To be the most respected and trusted brand to efficiently, effectively and safely deliver excellence across a wide portfolio of engineering, construction, repair, conversion and through-life capability services to both national and international Defence Forces, Port / Fleet Operators and Investors in the Oil / Gas sectors.



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